Smart Start Program (SSP)

As a start-up, we recommend the Smart Start Program (SSP), where you have access to either our Smart Start Course, which covers Ideation and business analysis sessions; or Our Funding and Continuity WorkShops, which covers exclusive information and coaching that prepares you for the investors’ pitch.
This program gives you access to our network of ready investors, available to fund your business ideas and help make that business a reality.


Stay Profiting Program (SPP)

If you are a growing business with a goal to maximise your profit, then our Stay Profiting Program (SPP) is for you.
With our Stay Profiting Program, you would have access to our Funding and Continuity resource centre, including online/physical training, and participation in closed group workshops that will equip you with the right knowledge on Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Cost Analysis, Security Measures, Taxation, Forensic Investigation, and many more key areas in your business.


Scale And Expand Program (SEP)

If your business has been in existence for a minimum of 3 years with proven track record, and aim to Scaleup, then our Scale and Expand Program is for you.
With our Scale And Expand Program (SEP), you have access to one on one consultation and coaching services which includes, corporate governance framework, business valuation, sales strategy, talent sourcing and outsourcing, technology integration and funding through (non-growth inhibiting) loans, and access to investors.
You would also have access to all our resource materials on our Smart Start Program and our Stay Profiting Program.

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