Street Smart Lab is the Business Solutions and Fund/Investment Management platform for Stream Brooks.

We help Entrepreneurs Start, Stay, and Scale their Businesses with our Smart Programs, periodic seminars/conferences, and a library of articles, podcasts, and videos. 

We are also Fund managers for Investors. This places us as a go-between investors and businesses.

Prioritization of investors’ funds is of utmost importance to us. One sure way we do this is through board representation, where we focus on cost effectiveness, and good corporate governance, just to mention a few.

At Street Smart Lab, we provide you access to a solid faculty of entrepreneurs, business executives, and career professionals with decades and years of experience that bridges the gap and accelerates results for new and growing businesses.

On our website, you will have access to a variety of resources on core business subjects centered around Defining your Business, Planning, Execution, Branding, Financing, Sales and Marketing, Customer Relations, Personnel Management, Legal Obligations & Corporate Governance, How to Maintain Business or Work-Life Balance and stay Mentally sound, etc.

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