Choose the Profit you Desire (Part 5)

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Connecting a Herd of Customers

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We will wrap up the current series on Choosing the Profit you Desire, by discussing FAVOUR in Business titled “Connecting a Herd of Customers”.


Everyone desires favour in their businesses. We want some measure of favour – a little Seed in the earth, and boom, Giant fruits springs up. One small business with a stream of endless customers that will turn in the desired sales.


In some seemingly bizarre desire, entrepreneurs wish that the products and services they offer will just drop into the hearts of potential customers from the blues. No, it does not happen that way.


The flow is usually through someone or people, you’ve served before. People you had wowed once or repeatedly by your business. These people have moved from one-time customers to loyal customers.


They then become advocates of your business’ products and services – and the referrals may become endless.


And if you fail, then they will become the piper that trumpets your failures to the world.

6 Ways to get your Customers’ Loyalty.


Your customers will be loyal to you when they observe the following from you:


  1. Trust the value your brand offers and this makes them refer you willingly.


  1. See how you connected with their needs, not just as a means to your paycheck, but because you genuinely care to solve their problems and serve them.


  1. Had a pleasant and memorable experience with your business and stepped out with an experience that’s worthy to share.


  1. Saw that you met their expectations or even surpassed their expectations.


  1. Find that your services come with notable incentives for referrals. It could be a gift reward program or a freebie attached to a product you sell or a discount on their next purchase.


  1. Find a million small ways to appreciate, thank, and reward your customers for their patronage. It could be a simple thank you message, an ecard, or a complimentary freebie.


Let’s hear from you about what you’ve learnt so far.


Here is the summary of the previous series on maximizing your profit in business.


Your journey to a high profitable experience in business starts with an idea supported by a well Calculated Plan.


Effective Execution does the magic of showcasing your idea and ensuring that you deliver fantastic products and services.


Nurturing your business to maturity is necessary for you to see profitable results.


Excellent Follow-Through builds your business integrity with your team members and your customers.


Finally, you can create a pool that keeps diverting customers to your business daily. You will never have to worry about profit again.


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