How to Move From Bottom To The Top of Any Organization.

Capacity Game in the Eye of Entrustment (Part 2)

The opening line “how to get your boss’ job”, was not written to get you ambitiously out of line or to make you covetous. Instead, it was written to inspire you with the behind the scenes of most success stories.

If you read last week’s article about Mary T. Berra, and regard her as lucky, well connected, or born different, you may want to look at that notion again after reading this article.

You’ve  probably met a few people who came into an organisation, started at the bottom of the organisation, but moved steadily to the top. This is sometimes to the amazement of colleagues or coworkers who came before or after them. If you wonder if there are rules or some kind of guide that can help you get the same result, read on as we get the ball rolling.


Bottom to Top people are called High Flyers, Rising Stars, Stars, Workhorses, Lifewires, GoGetters, Self Starters, Dynamous, PowerHouses, and a number of other names that automatically gives you an idea of how much attention these people command.


There are many advantages when a business builds a unique team that is groomed into the values, goals and culture of the business. Since high flyers define success by their personal contribution, and are result oriented, as this unique team grows within the company, so does the business.

For these reasons, during the hiring process, organisations are looking to hire and nurture their own bottom to top people who are high flyers with key qualities/attributes that will drive their organisation forward. All that such organisations need to do is to play their part in, engaging, coaching, and nurturing their identified bottom to top people, instead of exploiting or using these individuals to meet their selfish goals. Many organisations have lost their best hands as a result of this negligence.  


 If you’ve ever want to learn how to move from bottom to top of an organisation, you must:

  1. Be Observant: It is not enough to be the applicant that gets the job, bottom to top people get to work by paying special attention to their environment. They are observant and look out to learn all that they can, without taking anything for granted.
  1. Learn Fast: One fantastic characteristic toddlers are blessed with as they grow is their ability to learn fast from the happenings around them. Same thing applies to adults who want to move from bottom to top. Bottom to top people must seek to take information based decisions from their observations about the business and its environment.  They are wise  not to be swayed by first impressions that are not backed by repeated data.
  1. Engage Your Passion: As bottom to top personalities settle down into new roles, they passionately engage the business. A passionate individual always leaves a great impression in the minds of all the people that they encounter, and are often recommended for roles faster than others.
  1. Plan Ahead and Be Proactive: Bottom to top people are unique in their ability to see the big picture and to drive towards it. They are thoughtful, self starters who take the initiative and are proactive with tasks.
  1. Consistency, Dependency and Thoroughness: Bottom to top individuals move because they are consistent with their results. They start a project well, and keep at it to get results. This consistency makes them dependable, and their thoroughness often gets them nominations to special roles and assignments, rapidly increasing their chances for recognition and promotion.
  1. Hone Your Communication Skills: It’s good to be ahead, but staying ahead will require good communication skills. Bottom to top people intentionally hone their skills via training and workshops to better their writing, speaking or presentation skills.
  1. Self Awareness and Self Control: A growth oriented person will easily grow from bottom to top in any organisation when they understand themselves and can control their emotions. Self management, emotional management and people management are soft skills that must be  learnt to grow within any organisation.
  1. Drive, Motivation and Balance: A highly motivated, self-driven, bottom to top person is a force that is powerful and bent on seeing results. The sheer force of their willpower communicates to everyone that failure is not an option. The ability to apply balance especially when there is need for adjustment will make such  a person a rare find in any organisation.

Now that we’ve identified the steps to get you moving from the bottom to the top of any organisation, it’s time to deploy them.

Here is a short highlight: Be observant, learn fast, engage your passion, plan ahead and be proactive, be consistent, dependable, and thorough, hone your communication skills, be self aware, stay in control and apply balance, stay motivated, driven and always apply necessary balance.

If you have enjoyed this part of the series, stay tuned for the next edition about what empowers CEOS in their establishments.

I am Adeyiga, Towards the Smartest You.

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