Why you Need to Give Up.

I came across this poem on a wall in the early days of my secondary school education. I memorized it and easily recited it at the slightest opportunity.  

“No matter the nature of your problem

Not minding the degree of your misfortune

Do not lose hope

Never submit yourself to frustration

Man has got to undergo difficulties

His abilities must always be tested

He needs to be praised and condemned

Life is a mixture of sorrow and happiness

So, keep on trying”.

Years after, I noticed there are several versions of it, but without anyone crediting it to an author, always anonymous. I hope someday I will know who to credit for those beautiful lines of motivation.

I understand that we are in a season where motivational hype is much needed. The challenges out there need a motivated mind to stand them. So, there is a high demand for motivation, though I am not sure there is sufficient supply to meet the demand. You need those audible voices beckoning on you to hold on tight and never give up because better days are ahead. Right?

But what exactly are you holding on to?

What are you currently scheming not to let go?

What do you desire to be in place in your life, but it seems to be difficult?

What is your mind fixed on because you feel it’s very important?

What exactly are you praying for?

Can you take a short break from the worries to assess the troubling situation, perhaps you will return with a different view? As it is commonly said, you should not expect different results while you keep doing the same things repeatedly.

Most times, the next breakthrough you desire is in the outcome of what you let go. Yes! I mean it.

Those things you are being motivated to keep holding onto may be what you need to let go. The results you desire will not materialize except you give them up.

You probably are fueling the issues you have with some form of habits, routines you love so much or used to, or even relationships you are scared to let go. You probably based your reasons for holding on, to projected expectations or assumptions. Ironically, if you are divinely permitted to see the future, those expectations or projections may just be bubbles.

Look at your career, business, or life in general and be truthful with yourself. Ask yourself if you are being realistic or unnecessarily emotionally holding on to what needs to go.  

The more you pray or fight to keep them or hold on, the longer your journey to your destination.

Give them up and Let them Go!

It is not that your prayers are not being answered, or you are not putting in the required effort. The truth is, you are making the judgement of holding on, while you should let go.

The motivation you need right now is to give up what needs to go and let what needs to be birthed come to limelight.

So, give it up quickly and let the fragrance of freshness have its way.

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