How to Trigger Favor at Work

Over the years, we’ve seen the workplace evolve. In recent times, we’ve witnessed companies rely heavily on technology to ditch manual operations, while some evolved from just being profit oriented to emphasizing social impact over profit.

In all of these, the executors of the vision (i.e., the employees) at every phase of business/workplace evolution are challenged to stay employable by refocusing and realigning their pursuit to fit into workplace demand.

The events out there certainly dictate what you should prepare for and how you should prepare for it.

It’s the same trend in our tertiary institutions where the courses that are expected to launch students into the corporate or entrepreneurial world are crafted and limited to the needs out there.

The cliché is stay relevant. Obviously, who we prepare ourselves to be daily is “job market” demand pushed.

We therefore make so much frantic efforts to ensure our supply of skills and abilities meets the growing workplace demand, despite stiff competition.

Interestingly, while companies compete with themselves for a better share of the market, employees also compete to get the best slot in these business enterprises.

The growing concern I have is, can someone desire to avoid the rat race of traditional competition and be positioned to display what observers will consider as exceptional or outstanding performance?

Yes, it’s possible. If there is any name you once admired his or her story of outstanding performances and delivery at the workplace or marketplace, you can be a better and greater version of such.

This certainly must be a well calculated and orchestrated move.

No one wins without envisioning it, without a good plan, and without consistent practice or work. So, when your results exceed expectation, no one will deny the obvious unusual or extraordinary “icing on the cake” that made it so.

This is usually referred to as favor.   

Favor or what is termed miraculous moves is an extraordinary triggering of potential possibilities that already exist in a situation, product, or service. When the agent of favor or miracles then comes, it can turn the situation around (i.e., those great products, services, or skills) to produce exceptional results.

But first, here is the pertinent question; What are the skills, or activities you have embarked on that favor can trigger to greater results for you?

By this I mean, what skills are you currently honing? What professional certification are your preparing for? What is that different or new thing you just engaged in (services or products), etc.?

Do you know that as trivia as volunteering may sound, it makes you positioned for favor to be triggered?

Let favor not meet you empty handed or idle. Favor triggers multiplication or increase already latched onto what you have at hand or what you produce.  

History taught me that thousands were once fed with 5 loaves and 2 fish that were available at a site. When it was showtime for favor to multiply what will meet the needs of the thousands, loaves and fish were available.

I also learnt from history that a group of people once crossed an ocean walking through it as though on dry land. The workings of the favor that parted the ocean for them to cross when that move was most needed took place only when they had moved from point A to point B (the ocean bank).

If you are idle or unproductive, it automatically means there will be an absence of substance that favor can trigger. If you continually choose to do nothing, you will remain in the same spot. Remember, you don’t expect new results doing the same things.

Whatsoever you decide now has an influence on your future, and I mean your future value.

Get your hands busy doing something and let the smile of favor flip it into an unprecedented result.

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