Business Bullying and Perception Challenges – Part 1

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Business Bullying and Perception Challenges (Introduction)

We are certainly in challenging times of being entrepreneurs. As commonly believed, entrepreneurs still in business in this part of the world deserve accolades. The business climate beclouded with such inflation in a country where the purchasing power of the majority stays the same could be traumatizing.

As though the emotions that trail this is not unpleasant enough, small scale businesses tend to be under intense pressure, usually aided by overpowering dominance from medium or larger-scale businesses in their industry.

Depending on your industry, you contend with the following from large scale players:

  1. Unfavorable pricing because the bigger businesses have the edge of cheaper inputs stocked in large quantities.
  2. Domineering visibility enabled by available budgets for media campaign
  3. Customers’ preference for bigger firms with the ability to manage their demand.

This summarily feels like being bullied in business. While this thought may be technically true, always remember that whatever you eventually accept stems from your first perception of the same.

Should you accept a position pushed on you by your feelings of overwhelming emotions or redirect your energy and focus on the opportunities it affords? Should you be down doing nothing due to emotional extortion presented by the “bullying experience” or occupy yourself with the next steps to outsmart the challenges.

This kind of time is the best period to reach out and seek knowledge from reading, conducting research, and seeking counsel from other business enthusiasts. Do not stop at one attempt irrespective of the response especially if it is not a favourable one, or yet to address your concerns. Reach out for more. Do not struggle and complain in silence it does no good to your course.

I will sometime share the experiences of entrepreneurs who have travelled this route.

According to the best book I love to read daily, “Where there is no counsel, the people fall,

But in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.”

Reinvent and realign with a tweak to what you do. #StayStreetSmart.

@Adeyiga Awomuti

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