Business Bullying and Perception Challenges (Case Study)

Enterprise Feature - is a food and beverage brand that produces pap recognized for its natural, hygienic, and taste of Nigerian Ingenuity.

We launched our business in 2019 with a single product and have grown our variants and available flavours for customers nationwide.

As a brand, we are committed to giving quality and wholesome products and services to our customers.

We are pleased to say that we deploy the RRSVP- F strategy and have seen tremendous results from our engagements.



  1. We take customers’ feedback seriously

Our business has birthed some of the best products on our shelf today via customers’ feedback.

Once we listened to our customers’ feedback, worked on their concerns, and designed a new product using their suggestions, and boom! That was it. We had a best seller product. Also, there was a time we received feedback about spillage during delivery.

Some customers requested a replacement order. A few were kind enough to send us a picture of the spilled product.

This got us thinking about better ways to seal the product without necessarily increasing the price, and we found a way.

We always take customers’ feedback seriously.


  1. We rendered our service as if to Kings and Queens

We believe that a good product with poor packaging will scarcely do well.

One mindset we had at the onset of our business was to create a product brand that could find its way to the palaces. So, in ideating the product package, we gave it our best shot.

It took us about two months to come up with the product package design and concept, but at the end of it, we were happy as a team that we had a product that would fit the king’s palace.

Over the years, we have been opportune to service customers, HNIs, and celebrities. Some even go out of their way to ‘brag’ about our product. All because we served them like kings and queens that they are.


  1. The waiting room

We keep at it and say that persistence is key to survival in any business. The truth is that at the early stage of our business, as a business owner, I practically hawked our products. I knew we had a good product with excellent packaging, and we wanted to get the word out to as many as possible.

We started with friends, family, relatives, and neighbours. Many confirmed that the product was great, but we were not getting the kind of sales we needed to break even. Months passed, the journey looked tiring, and sales even started dropping. But we kept at it, giving the best quality with great packaging to every customer we served.

Then on this particular day, we sold to a customer who was an influencer. It was just like any other day, but the impact was different.

This customer was wowed by the product and service delivery that she put up a 10 minutes video on her page, commending our product and encouraging her friends, followers, etc to patronize us.

This was our breakthrough into the palace of kings and queens. We started receiving multiple orders beyond our production capacity, and for the first time, we broke even, and the long wait was worth it after all.

More sales and referrals and more sales again. The cycle was unending, and we were so relieved that we didn’t give up in the waiting room. We were glad we persisted.


  1. Conducting Research

We started the business with just one pap variant, and today it is still one of our best sellers.

Along the line, we began researching additional product lines for adults and babies.

For each of these product lines, we tested the waters with baby steps.

Sometimes, we introduced trial batches and asked our customers for feedback before launching bulk production.

Today, we have over 13 pap variants, and many of them are best sellers.

It is good business sense to ensure that your product launch is in line with what your customers want, as this makes for “sweatless” sales when we design our products to meet the core needs of our customers.


  1. Staying focused is an essential factor in business

I believe it is very easy to get distracted by introducing new products and neglecting the primary product in which one specializes.

For instance, we put a lot of effort into perfecting the different pap variants rather than getting distracted by other products in the market.

At some point, we tried dates syrup and sold a few, but I can’t remember if we had any return sales on it.

Our area of strength has been formulating different pap variants, and we keep at it.

One of the keys to staying focused is that when you focus on your strengths, customers will commend you and tell you how special a particular product is.

Sometimes, they even tell you that you will go far although, you’re still small.

You must pay attention to such feedback and mark these products while perfecting your art.

It is just a matter of time before you grow big. There is no end to how big we can get.


  1. Seeking Counsel

Taking customers’ feedback, for us at, can be likened to ‘ seeking counsel ‘ because, through our customers’ feedback, we have gained wisdom on how to improve our business.


One way we also seek counsel is from business groups and mentors.

It is wise to work with the counsel that says there is safety in the multitude of counsellors. continues to engage all the RRSVP-F strategies in total to grow her business.


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